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BridgeWorks Custom Facebook Tabs

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Most businesses by now know the massive power of social networking. That’s why here at BridgeWorks we specialize in custom Facebook tabs, applications, and design. Custom tabs can add a unique style and personality to your organization’s Facebook Fan Page; allowing your customers to connect and maintain a close relationship.

Our first custom design Facebook project was Banshee Bungee. This extreme bungee cord allows all board sports including snowboarding, skating, and skimboarding, to reach new levels of speed and distance. We took their innovative product design and created fully customized tabs complete with video, contests, and radical imagery. See Banshee Bungee’s newly developed Fan Page today and imagine what a customized Facebook fan page can do for your business!

Four Rules to a Thriving Ecommerce (Rule 2)

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

If you thought all ecommerce websites are built the same, think again. Once a consumer gets to your webpage, it is instantly critiqued. A poorly built sight will make an internet user exit just as fast as they entered into it. On the other hand, a properly built website will create a simple filtering process where people that are looking to buy will be guided through the site in a fast and easy manner. This is brings us to the second rule of creating a successful ecommerce site.


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