Anyone Can Build Apps for Android

Yesterday, Google announced its newest breakthrough for mobile phone technology. The new tool called “App Inventor” allows anyone to create applications for Google’s Android mobile platform, even people who have zero programming experience.

Currently, users interested in trying out the App Inventor need to fill out a small form, and they will receive an invitation via email likely within a few days. App Inventor is a new way to visualize programming and mobile applications. Many who have been previously intimidated by technology and learning to write programs will now have the ability to easily create, test, and extend applications for Android.

To create an application, users will first create a new project. Within the project, users will then add components to build the app they wish to create. One can think of components as parts to a puzzle, or ingredients in a recipe. Components come in many simple varieties like a bit of text or a button, though there are a number of more advanced varieties as well. For example, users are able to include advanced components such as motion sensors, canvases for digital painting, GPS location, etc…

The App Inventor is easy to learn and uses drag and drop functionality to allow even the least technically-inclined users to create powerful applications. Using component “blocks” to visually define how an application will work requires no programming knowledge. Now anyone with an android phone, a computer, and an internet connection can create complex, location-aware applications for themselves and the rest of the world.

To learn more, read this overview.

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