ExceptionalFamilyTV.com Unveils Its Community Website: An Invaluable Resource Connecting Special Needs Families

eFamilyTV’s community website features weekly web-TV shows, a comprehensive set of resources, and a store specially designed to serve families with special needs children

With today’s technology, more parenting discussions are happening online. One new website has opened up these conversations for a segment of parents that are typically overlooked – parents with special needs children. eFamilyTV is airing its first weekly web-TV show that hits close to the heart of these families. This website creates a community for families, connecting parents, children, doctors, and specialists. It also contains a store specialized for special needs products, toys, and equipment.

Nathan Charlan (VP, Executive Producer, Host of eFamilyTV and father of a special need child), explores various families, organizations and caregivers every week to share their experiences, stories and knowledge of special needs children. He states:

“I have joined with eFamilyTV to take this to the next level, reaching out to parents to let them know YOU ARE NOT ALONE and to provide quality programming specifically focused on special needs topics – family stories, therapies, treatments, children’s success stories, and more.  I look forward to connecting with you all and learning about your personal reality.”

Learn more about Nathan and his family through intimate blogs and share experiences with the cast and other exceptional families. This site is designed for people to learn more about the world of special needs children and takes a proactive approach in the development of these children and families.

Connect with other families in similar situations through forums and a specialized Facebook Fan Page that is integrated with exceptional FamilyTV’s website. It had over 400 fans before the website was even launched. Here, parents share their stories, post pictures, send requests for the show and meet other parents that have special needs children.

About eFamilyTV

eFamilyTV focuses on parents, families and caregivers raising children with special needs (ages 0-21), with the future goal of covering topics pertaining to parents and caregivers for those in the adult age beyond 21-years of age.


Susan Stephens

CEO and Executive Producer



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2 Responses to “ExceptionalFamilyTV.com Unveils Its Community Website: An Invaluable Resource Connecting Special Needs Families”

  1. Susan Withrow Says:

    I am the parent of a child with fragile x syndrome. I would like to connect with other parents in Wichita, Ks and surrounding areas. It would be nice to have a support grou[ and to know that other people gace the same things and challenges.

  2. admin Says:

    Sounds like this could be a great resource for you! Check out exceptionalfamilytv.com or search for us on Facebook and get into the conversation.

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