What your Facebook Page is Missing

From Pizza Hut, celebrities, to Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, it seems that almost every business is on Facebook. Although just because a business is on the number one social networking site, it doesn’t mean that an organization will instantly gain an excellent reputation and increase sales. Facebook is emerging with new applications and functions that all businesses should take advantage of if they truly want to capture the power of social networking.

Facebook’s demographics are going through a major change. It is expanding into both older and younger generations and opening up opportunities for a variety of businesses. When a business creates a Fan Page on Facebook it can dive into their customers’ daily lives, creating a relationship that goes far beyond the cash register. It takes just a matter of a few dedicated hours a week to optimize your Facebook Fan Page. Only, with all the possibilities of promoting and building a Facebook Fan Page, it is crucial to use your time wisely.

The most effective Fan Pages have an interactive page with custom applications. Facebook has its own HTML code called FBML. With this, developers can create just about anything, including flash. Of course not all companies have caught onto this new wave of technology, but below is a list of great examples to get an idea of how Facebook can be customized to your business:

  • Kaplan: SAT & ACT prep for students. With 4 customized tabs, Kaplan gives its fans tips on colleges and tests, interactive games, and even a store.
  • Coors Light: With NFL exclusives, tools, and promotions, Coors Light offers a fully interactive Fan Page for the football season.
  • Cranium: Fully integrated with their Twitter account, Cranium offers a beautifully designed Fan Page and an application to find your “Cranium Character”
  • Puma: Even clothing brands are showing off their style with customized Facebook Pages. With over a million fans, Puma lets Facebook fans an inside look at the organization’s employees, ads, and contests.

Of course, not all business have the time or the resources to make a fully customized Facebook Fan Page. Anyone attempting to create a custom page should be well versed in PHP or some other coding language. Not only does it need a basic understanding of the internet, but also in SSH, MySQL, Unix and with web hosting. With the current trends, customized Facebook Fan Pages for all businesses will soon be expected to enhance customers’ experiences and relationships.

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