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point2design diversifies their portfolio once again

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

point2design has launched another website. Our client is Chris Terfloth, an abstract artist, located in Bozeman, Montana. Chris has traveled the world and experience many different aspects of life; which you can find in his ellaborate paintings.

point2design spent a lot of time collaborating ideas on the what image Chris wanted portrayed on the internet. point2design was able to customize Chris Terfoth design and web applications to meet the needs of both is clientele and business. point2design has created many customized websites through design and web applications and Chris Terfloths website is

Banshee Riverboards New Website

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Banshee Riverboarding is a unique and growing river sport that appeals to all ages. Kevin Veon, CEO and inventor of Banshee Riverboards came to point2design looking for a new internet marketing strategy; including website redesign, secure ecommerce section, interactive video section, strategic marketing process, and structured Search Engine Optimization.

The Riverboarding season for Banshee was coming up and they needed to execute this process in one month’s time. point2design in collaboration with Banshee Riverboards worked hard to meet this deadline and create a targeted and organized internet marketing strategy. See Banshee Riverboards website to see all of these marketing techniques.
point2design and Banshee Riverboards will continually collaborate to increase viewings, sales, and build a larger contact list. point2design and Banshee Riverboards have more phases in the makings; one will be a community based area on where all riverboard riders can go and discuss the sport and where to ride. This helps create more unique visitors on a regular basis (utilizing the website as his most valuable marketing tool).

E-Newsletter….The wave of the future.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008


E-Newsletter templates have become an effective marketing tool for most businesses. Retailers are using them to sell overstocked clothing or an up and coming line. Real Estate Agents are using them to show new listings, old listings, or even just explain the market. Sporting shops are using them to talk about the weather and hunting/fishing reports (to name a few). Many different version of e-newsletter templates have been passed around and if you look closely a lot of the e-newsletter are the same template. Now, your typical consumer receives many of these template e-newsletters from different companies; each one has pictures in the same place, and content in the same boxes. To your end user, they do not want to sift through all this information to find what they are looking for and most of the time the consumers just wants to go to the website to see the information. I am sure you have heard over and over- a picture speaks a thousand words. So, why not create that experience for your consumer through an e-newsletter. Well, point2design has created many customized e-newsletters for companies, that have shown anywhere from 50% - 150% increase in viewing to the businesses website. Which, when you get a user to your website, the selling possibilities are endless because they are already trapped into your website information. This process is why customized e-newsletters are becoming more and more popular; you take a featured product, news article, or maybe a property you are trying to sell and make that the center of an email newsletter.

Website Launches:

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

point2design has launched two new websites this week, please read on and visit them to learn more.

Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum

point2design has created a website for the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum .

Please view this website at and experience the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum for the first time and learn more about the museum. The Museum is devoted to mountaineering, the mountains, science and art, and the dissemination of knowledge– all things that Bradford Washburn exemplified.

Chris Terfloth: 
point2design has launched another website. Chris Terfloth, an Abstract Artist in Bozeman, MT and point2design invite you to explore Chris’s new website and experience his wonderful abstract art. Please check out Chris Terfloth Abstract Art at

“I like to create paintings with a tactile quality that entices the observer to touch, to run their fingers over the paint.”
- Chris Terfloth, Abstract Artist

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